We are offering many activities you can revive your stay in Sinai Meditation Village.

Sea fun in the resort

Banana boat pulled by speed boat: 1-5people, 500EGP for 20min.

Tube pulled by speed boat: 1-3people, 300EGP for 20min.

Fishing trip

2hours minimum, 1000EGP for 1-4people, +250EGP extra person, capacity up to 10 people.

Fishing equipment, catch we barbeque for You.

Diving trip

Dive for beginner 30min 950EGP. Diving equipment included.

Special deals for experienced.

Snorkeling the coral reefs, watching the coast, jumping from the boat, swimming on the open sea.

Life jackets included. Snorkeling equipment 50EPG.

Slow old fashioned boat:

500 EGP for 1 hour for 1-5 people + 100EGP for an extra person up to 25 people.

Speed boat:

800 EGP for 1 hour for 1-5 people +150EGP for an extra person up to 15 people.

Camel ride on the beach

100 EGP for 5min/person, 200EGP for 15min/person

Games for free

Chess, Backgammon, Volleyball, Soft tennis…

Open sky projection of music and movies.

We can invite external massage masters for You.

Yoga exercise, breath, relaxing and meditation techniques according the present teacher

We have often western certified teachers here, ask for actual situation.

Yoga and meditation retreat in dessert

Perfect for specialized retreats of meditation, yoga, silence, raw food, fasting or anything You like…

We can organize an amazing stay in the dessert for You in walkable distance from WISHWASHI dessert natural pool for swimming. We can do this for individuals in their own tents or for a big groups, then we build a large Bedouin tent too.

Transport, permission, Bedouin tent to stay, fire wood or gas cooker, drinking water, fruits and vegetable and other food supplies…


1/ Shopping trip to Nuweiba


2/ Wishwashi dessert water pool:

4 hours trip, min. 5people 200EGP/person

A gem of dessert…amazing natural water pool for swimming and high jumping in the middle of the dessert. The narrow valley blocked by big boulders with a fantastic view around.
We start 4×4 car from the camp, then we have to hike there about 45min.

Price includes guide.

3/ Faraon island with citadel from Saladin times:

9a.m.-2p.m. or 2-7 p.m., 350EGP for person.
Beautiful snorkeling the corals, an amazing view to Sinai, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel, too.
Transport, snorkeling equipment and hot and cold refreshment included.

Book in advance.

4/ Dahab trip:

8:00-18:00, 1-4people 2400EGP, 10people 5000EGP
Transport, snorkeling in Blue hole and Three bulls coral reefs, local market shopping.

National park Blue hole entry is 10USD. Snorkeling equipment: 50EGP/person.

We can also do not go Blue hole, snorkel other places and safe 10USD entrance.

Another option is go to ride buggies.

5/ Ras abu Gallum, Blue lagoon snorkeling.

9 a.m. – 8 p.m., 1-4 people 400EGP/person.
Off road trip to get to Blue lagoon and Ras abu Gallum. Snorkeling equipment: 50EGP/person.

6/ Meditation village – White canyon – Ein Khudra – Meditation village.

9 a.m. – 2 p.m., 10 people – 350EGP/person

7/ Meditation vil. – White canyon – Ein Khudra – Wadi Mushroom – Rainbow canyon – Meditation vil.

9 a.m. – 4 p.m., 10 people – 400EGP/person

8/ Saint Catherine monastery and Moses Mountain 2 days. 9p.m. – 1.p.m.

10 people – 300/person + 5USD entrance to the monastery +250EGP for guide/group

Walking up the Moses Mountain in the night to experience an amazing sun rise from the top, then see the beauty of Saint Catherine and visit Muzeum of Beduine culture and tourist souvenirs.